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International association of collectors
of coffee grinders

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You love coffee or you are a old coffee grinders collector ...
Join the AICMC !!!

The goals of the AICMC are to

- Bringing together collectors of old coffee grinders.
- Group together informations about the old coffee grinders.
- Sharing knowledge and information.
- Promote the spirit of collection.
- Search for all documents (writings, photos, videos) related to this folk art objet, including old catalogs.
- Keep, if possible, an agenda of events, auctions, shows, exhibitions and inform the members.
- Try, as far as possible, to respond to any request from collectors.

Our means

- General meetings with the annual exchange market.
- The contributions of our members.
- Our website.
- Our quarterly newsletter, which is the essential link between collectors.

Conviviality and shared knowledge

AICMC is the French acronym for Association International des Collectionneurs de Moulins à Café", wich translates as : International Association of Collectors of Coffee Grinders.

This explains our logo and the official name of the association

Google search engine internal to AICMC "public area" site

Type your search in the "Custom Search" box ( example: "somborn" "japy" "sablier" "store coffee grinders" "book on 17th century mills" etc...) and Google will present you all the pages related to your search

In front of the Google response there are 2 tabs:

- a tab "Web" which presents all the pages linked to your search

- a tab "image" showing all the photos related to your search

Legal notice

F. A. Q.

Website created by AICMC members - © AICMC 2012 - All rights reserved
Reproduction is prohibited without the written permission of AICMC
The association is absolutely not involved in commercial transactions between collectors.
The association is only interested in the heritage value of objects.
Note : we do not offer a valuation service
Use the Contact Us page to send us the request form with questions you may have