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International association of collectors
of coffee grinders

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AICMC office

Thierry Prieux
thierry prieux Vice-president
Jean Pierre Decourty
Jean Pierre Decourty
Louis Meyer
louis meyer Vice-treasurer
Sylvianne Dallasta
sylvianne dallasta
Pascale Lhermitte
pascale lhermitte Responsible for newsletters management

Bruno Bouvet
bruno bouvet
Assistant secretary
(member statistics manager)
Henri Colonges
henri colonges Auditor
Ghislaine Chauvreau
ghislaine chauveau
Italian Correspondent
Gian Domenico Mazzocato
Gian Domenico Mazzocato German Correspondent
Paul Elbeshausen
luc verrept
Correspondent for Wallonia
Jacques Raskin
jacques raskin Correspondent for Flanders
Luc Verrept
luc verrept
Jean Christophe Cañadas
j.c.canadas Website management

Jean Philippe Aumoine
Jean philippe Aumoine

Legal notice

F. A. Q.

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The association is absolutely not involved in commercial transactions between collectors.
The association is only interested in the heritage value of objects.
Note : we do not offer a valuation service
Use the Contact Us page to send us the request form with questions you may have