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International association of collectors
of coffee grinders

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Statutes of AICMC

The International Association of collectors of coffee grinders (AICMC) created in December 1988 is governed by the law of 1 July 1901.
Any person paying an annual subscription is a full member of the Association.
Each year, by statute, a General Assembly is held, in principle on Easter Sunday or Pentecost and this in different regions each time.
On the occasion of this meeting, the maintenance or the renewal of the office is subject to the vote of the present members.

Official statutes of the Association

Updated April 2011 (click on the picture)

statutes aicmc

Internale Rule of the association

Updated April 2017 (click on the picture)

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Legal notice

F. A. Q.

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Reproduction is prohibited without the written permission of AICMC
The association is absolutely not involved in commercial transactions between collectors.
The association is only interested in the heritage value of objects.
Note : we do not offer a valuation service
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