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La mylokaphephilie is the art of collecting coffee grinders.

The collector of coffee grinders is a mylokaphephile.

Etymology of mylokaphephile

This word is composed exclusively of Greek roots:

Mylo (ancient Greek) = to grind

Kaphe(modern Greek) = coffee

Phile (ancient Greek) = who loves (friendship)

So: the one who likes objects to grind coffee


Until 2011 the collector of coffee grinders was commonly named:


This term comes from the following roots:

Mola (latin) = to grind

Faba (latin) = bean

Phile (ancient Greek) = who loves (friendship)

So: the one who likes objects to grind beans.

The bean is a vegetable, while the coffee bean is a cherry! ... more precisely a coffee cherry.

What a mishmash! ... we mix Greek, Latin and we grind beans instead of cherries.

Weird old collectors of coffee grinders!

But finally, by grinding beans instead of cherries, the last president of the AICMC, Thierry Prieux, decided to review this unsuitable term,
In agreement with the members and the French Academy, he proposed to change the name of the collectors of coffee grinders.

(Click to view an excerpt from the AICMC Newsletter # 122 September 2011)

So Molafabophile the collector of mills became a Mylokaphephile.

In conclusion: finished for collectors of coffee grinders to grind beans, they will be able, as it should, to grind coffee cherries.

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