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Dear visitors,

Be aware that the world of coffee grinders is not just a simple cubic wooden mill.

Indeed, for coffee grinders, there is a very wide variety of sizes, shapes, materials and uses.

Whether it's a wooden coffee grinder, a cast iron coffee grinder, a porcelain coffee grinder, a bakelite coffee grinder, a sheet metal coffee grinder, a coffee grinder in gaiac wood, a coffee grinder covered with sharkskin...

On this site you will find a lot of information about these models:

- table top coffee grinder,

- hand grind mill,

- countertop coffee grinder,

- general store coffee mills,

- double wheels coffee mills

- wall-mounted coffee grinder

- monoxyle coffe grinder (made of a single piece of wood),

- electric coffee grinder,

- 'wedding' coffee grinder,

- 'community' coffee mill,

- 'mailbox' type coffee grinder,

- 'snuffbox' type coffee grinder,

- ...

You can also find information on very old models (primitive / antique / vintage coffee grinders), with names varied as:

- Elephant Trunk

- Hourglass

- Coffee grinder

- Inverted pyramid trunk

- Louis XIV / Louis 14

- ...

All these coffee mills were produced by a multitude of craftsmen and manufacturers. We have listed about 1000 manufacturers, the main ones are:

in Belgium :


Van Couteren,


PeGe / PetGes (Georges Petges),

JD (Jules Desoie),

FN (Fabrique Nationale),

ID (Iwan Dertin),...

In England :




Parnall, ...

In France :








CM (Centore et Marty)

AS Birambeau,

Elau / Elaul,

Marlux, ...

In Germany:



Armin Trosser,


Peter Dienes,

Kym, ...

In Italy:


FB (Fraber Deposita, Fratelli Bertoldo),

AVT Brevetti,

Tre Spade, ...

In Spain :


Members can view all the manufacturers listed in the "Manufacturers" menu of the "Coffee grinders" button; in the members area.

Note : For US manufacturers, we advise you to refer to the ACME website and also to the MacMillan Index.

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